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Jump Start Training

Corona Technical Services Provides training courses in SolarWinds Software. Corona Technical Services was the FIRST company authorized to provide Professional Training on SolarWinds Products. You can come to one of our training facilities or we can bring our classroom to your site. Without a “SolarWinds Jump Start” from Corona Technical Services you will take months to truly understand all of the layered functionality hidden within the SolarWinds Orion Software Suite.

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SolarWinds Training is recommended for individuals seeking knowledge and expertise ranging from day-to-day administration to extended customization and modification of their SolarWinds system. The SolarWinds Orion Network Monitor (NPM) course enables students to utilize features and functionality of Orion NPM to gain the maximum advantage of monitoring and reporting on their network environment. Upon course completion students will better understand how to analyze and properly respond to the information collected and presented by the Orion NPM system.


Corona Technical Services offers SolarWinds software – the award-winning network-management, network-monitoring and network-discovery tools from SolarWinds. Designed to meet the diverse requirements of today’s network- management and consulting professionals, SolarWinds software provides you with cost-effective high-performance network solutions.

Support Services

Corona Technical Services will provide one of their certified SolarWinds engineers to assist customers with their Installation, Implementation, Optimization and Customization to their unique networking needs.

Remote Support

Corona provides an option for remote support from one of their certified SolarWinds engineers to assist customers with their unique networking needs. This is provided in many options for yearly (12 month) support contracts.

On-site Support

Corona Technical Services provides trained and experienced network engineers to help customers utilize their SolarWinds software quickly and make full use of the software they have purchased. This on-site service has been developed utilizing the experience gained by Corona engineers from providing SolarWinds many on-site support and training engagements.

On-site Professional Services Include:

  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Customization
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Custom Reporting Features

A typical engagement is a minimum of three (3) working days or twenty-eight (28) hours. Each engagement is customized per the customers’ requirements and the Corona Statement Of Work (SOW) project plan.

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Custom Orion Graphing Engine

Occasionally there may be certain report requirements that are not inherently supported by Orion ReportWriter.

Perhaps your network nodes have backup nodes that take over when the primary fails, and the outage is not interesting on the report unless both the primary and backup nodes are down at the same time. Or perhaps the report should only show outages that occur during specific hours of the day; failures on weekends or after hours are expected and should not be included in the report.

Supporting You With Custom Reports

In these situations, Corona Technical Services can leverage the power of T-SQL to create Orion Reports that make intelligent decisions about what is included or excluded, based on the customer’s specific criteria. Basic programming logic such as if statements and loops are available in T-SQL, and allow Corona Technical Services engineers to create powerful and intelligent reports that are custom-tailored to your specific business needs.

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