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Corona Technical Services is the premier provider of training and professional services for SolarWinds products. Our history is unique in that we were commissioned as the first SolarWinds Authorized Services Partner while operating in offices alongside the founders of Solarwinds. Our team continues to push boundaries to unlock the full potential of SolarWinds software and solutions to solve problems, increase efficiencies and control costs. Let’s put our experience to work for you.

SolarWinds Training

Your technology partner for training and professional services.


We will bring the training to your location. Many custom options available.


Training delivered in a classroom setting. Remote & local options available.



Training as needed anywhere. Use the vehicle you prefer or VPN secure access.

Client Testimonials

“Instructor did a terrific job during the SolarWinds Orion core class. He responded to all our questions with thorough answers. Everyone at Northrop Grumman’s California Office was impressed with the technical depth and topics covered during our training.”


“I found training to be in-depth and the instructor was quite knowledgeable of the product.”


“The class was great, nearly breathe taking with all of the capabilities that this system possesses. The instructor was very knowledgeable and walked us through everything with patience. Overall GREAT experience.”


“The course was very well laid out and organized. The instructor was very knowledgeable in SolarWinds and was flexible in what and how he taught. He tailored the training based on requests from the class. He did not read from the book or slides which resulted in a smooth flow to the training and made it easier to pay attention to and understand the information being presented.”


“Over 20 years in the IT Industry, this was the most rewarding training class and with a very knowledgeable instructor”


“Excellent course, definitely recommend. Instruction was tailored to cover all levels of SW@familiarity.”


“I would definitely recommend using Corona Services to anyone looking to implement SolarWinds. Even with technical issues on our end, they were able to quickly adapt and still get the job done in the timeframe we had allotted for them. Our consultant was extremely knowledgeable and made our implementation as painless as possible.”


“Course Material was very easy to follow and really enjoyed the training.”


““Course was very informative. I will definitely be able to better manage my SolarWinds Suite to utilize more of its potential.”


“A well put together course. It covered in detail a wide variety of situations relevant to our network environment and ways to use SolarWinds to monitor and manage the situations. Very well Done!”


“Corona has a very talented and experienced trainer who can masterfully interpret the needs of learning in a small classroom environment.”


“Outstanding class, very good information on getting a SolarWinds server up and running.”


“I feel this course provides a lot of useful information, presented in a simple way. The hands on training is a great way to actually put the information to use and give you a chance to ask questions about something you might not fully understand.”


“I came to the course with extremely basic knowledge, but left with an expert understanding. The course was a very simplistic training seminar and made for vast understandings.”


“Have taken many training courses over the years and this was one of the best. The materials were well organized and actually contained enough details to be used for future reference. What a plus! Instructor was great as well and obviously had in depth knowledge of the materials & software, as well as, ability to teach!”


“The trainer was a great SolarWinds instructor. Rather than just reading from the slides, he actually demonstrated and taught the software. He was more than willing to tailor the course to the class’s needs.”


“The course was very instructive and comprehensive. I would like to have had an entire day devoted to alerting since that is the main area of interest for most SW administrators. Great instructor! He obviously knows the product inside and out and is a great source of knowledge for “real world” questions and applications of the software.”


“I learned a lot from this class and I am very glad I got the chance to take it. I greatly appreciate the knowledge and help that the instructor and company gave. Thanks, and I will recommend to all my workmates your services.”


“The SolarWinds Core Training was very helpful, the format in the way it was delivered made the training useful. The ability to use a test server and build our own test environment allowed me to get some hands on application that will greatly assist in my day to day administration of my SolarWinds environment.”


“The training and real world experience and best practices delivered during the training allow network and system administrators to have extremely valuable insight about what is happening on their network by optimizing the technology they have invested in.”


“This training is worth every dollar.”


“This is an excellent course, well put together, good pace with a very knowledgeable instructor. I am much more confident with this tool.”


“The Instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the products he taught when issues came up, he did not hesitate to work with us and SolarWinds tech support – good class.” 


“The Instructor was very knowledgeable in the product and showed us ways to get more out of the SolarWinds Orion Suite of products.”


“Corona provided a high level of professionalism and exceptional work detail.”


“The instructor did a great job. He’s incredibly informative without being aloof or condescending. Really pleasant & helpful while still professional.”


“Instructor was very knowledgeable and a great communicator.”


“I would recommend this instructor to anyone who is looking to take advantage of SolarWinds vast capabilities.”


“Great hands on class. Would recommend to anyone who has purchased Orion”


“The course was extremely beneficial and the instructor was very knowledgeable on the topics covered.”


“Excellent job at introducing new customers to the capabilities of the product and how to ease the initial setup.”